Executive Board and Committee Members



Executive Board


 President  Mary Sanders

Shall reside over all PTO meetings, shall attend all SITE-BASED meetings, coordinates the work of the officers & committees.  Full year commitment. 



Ashley Heinen

Shall preside in the absence of the president, act as an aide to the president & perform all other duties designated. The vice president will assume the position the following school year.  Two-year commitment. 


 Treasurer  Tara Sylvia

Responsible for accounting records, receives all funds of the Ride PTO & keep an accurate record of all receipts & expenditure. Pay all funds as authorized by the PTO board & in accordance with the budget adopted by the organization. Provide updated budget report at monthly PTO meetings.  Full year commitment. 




Organizes the PTO membership drive, sells ads for online directory, & assists new families with gaining access to our online directory.  Majority of duties performed June-September, selling ads in summer and recruiting members at start of school. 





Bethany Lund

Coordinates volunteers for school wide sign ups.  Greets volunteers at events and assists in getting volunteers to their assignments.  Duties are sporadic throughout the year, when PTO hosts events requiring volunteers. 


Secretary  Hilary Toma

Records minutes at all PTO meetings & submits for approval.  Makes minutes available to all PTO members following meetings.  Full year commitment, but meetings only held once a month. 


Fall Fundraiser



Ashley Orum

Tara Wendell 


Plans and Coordinates fall fundraiser in conjunction with Teacher Representative.  Communicates to students & parents.  Collects money and distributes prizes.  Planning should ideally begin in May-June, with majority of duties taking place Aug-October.


Spring Fundraiser


 Rachel Jordan

 Allison Slater

Plans and coordinates a fun, family event that raises money for the PTO.  Leads the following subcommittees: Silent Auction, Raffle, Decorations, Games & Entertainment, Food, Volunteers, Ticket Pre-Sales.  Planning should begin in December or early January, with event in late March-early April. 


Parliamentarian  Whalin Harter-Leahy

Enforces the provisions of the by-laws & renders a judgment on all questions concerning the by-laws.  Full year commitment, but meetings only held once a month. 


Parent Liaison  Tara Sylvia Acts as a liaison between parents & the PTO board. Communicates with room parents.  Duties sporadic throughout the year.









Qualified auditor to review and audit the treasurer’s books at the end of the fiscal year. Provide an audit report to the treasurer to be reviewed at the 1st meeting of the school year.  Duties performed over summer as fiscal year closes on May 31. 


Bike Rodeo


Coordinates the Spring Bike Rodeo with Conroe ISD Police Department, school volunteers, and local community members.






Handles the communication, receipt, and delivery of Box Tops.  Full year commitment, with box tops collected each month.  In addition, in charge of communication about other give-back programs – AmazonSmile, Kroger, Randall’s. 


Enrichment Ashley Orum

Coordinates with art, music, and P.E. teachers for any classroom or volunteer needs.  Duties are minimal and throughout the year.


Field Trips

Cathy Estep

Coordinates and plans grade level field trips. 




Jenn Little

Plans and organizes event for grandparents to come eat with their student.  Planning begins in summer.  Event held close to official Grandparents Day, which is always the first Sunday after Labor Day.


Hospitality Laura Lobo

Welcomes new students and parents. Hosts Party in the Park, Boo Hoo / Woo Hoo Breakfast, Muffins with Moms, Donuts with Dads, and any other PTO social event.  Duties sporadic and throughout the year. 




Kathlyn Curry

Kim Herlehey

Replenishes and maintains front flowerbeds.  Full year commitment, but work performed intermittently. 


Outdoor Refresh

Whalin Harter-Leahy

Theresa Elston

Coordinates and plans outdoor beautification initiatives in partnership with school administration. 


Ride Spirit





Laura Lobo

Coordinates with local restaurants & businesses to schedule spirit nights to give back a % of proceeds to the school.  Full year commitment, but most scheduling work done prior to the start of the school year.  Ride Spirit Nights are held once a month. 


Red Ribbon


Amy Johnson

Jaclyn Babcock

Coordinates with counselor.  Plans and assists with Red Ribbon Week, which is usually held in October.


Red Wagon


Chatique Dhanormlchitphong

Coordinates with front office admin. to create a red wagon parade float for the CP feeder schools Red Wagon Parade at Woodforest Stadium.


School Supplies


Liz Rookstool


Works with teachers, parents & suppliers to provide the service of having uniform school supplies for the students. Orders & distributes the school supplies.  Duties from late April-May, then heavy work in August to organize and deliver school supplies to classrooms.




Cory Cummings


Krystal Eicher

Plans and executes staff appreciation monthly luncheons & Teacher Appreciation Week. Coordinates with principal & PTO president.  Full year commitment.


Story Time with


Lisa Buoni

Emily Lashbrook

Megan Hermis


Helps with planning, decorations, games, food, set-up & clean-up.  Planning should begin by October for the December event.

Ashley Ellis

Kelly Tarro

Helps with design, orders & distribution of SKR spirit wear.  Duties begin over summer to design and plan shirts.  Most duties completed in the first month of school. 


Chalk the Walk

Kelley Wolford



Decorate the sidewalk for various events including walk to school day.  Sporadic duties throughout the year. 


Web Admin VACANT

Maintains PTO websites, assists other PTO committee members as necessary with web functions.  Full year commitment. 






Social Media

Susan Noski

Cathy Estep

Andrea Poole


Sara Hemsath

Coordinates with teacher representative.  Full year commitment with much of work done in spring to create, order, and deliver yearbooks.



Creates and posts flyers and announcements to Instagram and Facebook.