Ride Challengers are invited to participate in Ride’s Reading Adventure 2023!



September 20th students will attend a kick-off pep rally and will bring home a RRA packet. The packet will include an information sheet, prize sheet, an envelope to gather donations, and a green class tracker sheet. Students can earn individual and class prizes based on donations collected. During the fundraiser, students should record all cash, check and online donations on both the class tracker and the envelope. Please bring the class tracker to school each day to begin earning class prizes while keeping the envelope and all cash and checks at home until October 11th.


October 11th, students should bring their envelopes with ALL donations collected to their teacher. Donations can be in the form of cash, checks (made out to SKR PTO with child’s name, teacher, and grade), or online payments made through their personal donation page.


October 13th is the big event day! Students will adventure to multiple reading stations, in a style similar to Ride’s Field Day. Students will be paired up and will be allowed to visit numerous reading stations throughout the school and participate in a variety of reading/word based activities during the event. Students are encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character and walk in the Story Book Parade. Parents will be able to watch the parade as it goes around the school loop. *

*Events will adapt as needed for health and safety reasons.


By October 20th, the RRA Committee will deliver the individual prizes to students.


100% of the money raised during Ride’s Reading Adventure benefits students and teachers! All donations are tax deductible! We ask you join us in reaching our $70,000 fundraising goal. The Ride Elementary PTO provides many benefits, including math and reading tutors, outdoor classroom equipment such as picnic tables, computer programs, continuing education for teachers, and much more.


Volunteer opportunities may be available for parents for Friday, October 13th. *

*Events will adapt as needed for health and safety reasons and may prevent parent volunteers from entering the school.


RRA Information Flyer

Prize List

Donation Envelope

Class Prize Tracker

Online Donations Instructions